Libya: Gaddafi wants to take Benghazi

The pressure is on for the insurgents and the UN is powerless against Gaddafi.

For insurgents, there are only “two choices: surrender or flee.” Muammar Gaddafi will not leave much room to maneuver his opponents. Libyan leader told the Italian newspaper Il Giornale that he would refuse any negotiation, but promises not to kill those who surrendered.

Ajdabiya still in the hands of the rebels a month after the start of the revolt, since transformed into a civil war, the forces of Muammar Gaddafi gradually reconquered the cities taken by the insurgents. Government forces launched air force and heavy artillery against Ajdabiya, strategic communication node and final lock held by the rebels before the stronghold of the opposition in Benghazi, 160 km further south, cutting the road between the two cities . But Tuesday night, insurgents still holding, said Tuesday the military spokesman of the National Council of Libya, the governing body of the rebels based in Benghazi.

“They bombed the city from a distance. But now the situation is good. The army units tried to enter the city, but our forces have pushed back,” Sayeh said. Asked about a breakthrough Gaddafi's troops east of Ajdabiya to Tobruk, the spokesman denied, noting that the Libyan leader was not “human resources (military) to do this.” “His only strategy is to bomb and then take control of a city,” he said.

“It will kill us all” “Unless NATO is taken, he (Gadhafi, Ed) will kill us all,” said Dr. Suleiman Al-Abeid, who came to lend a hand in the city hospital . “We are civilians. What can we do against heavy weapons? Against tanks, Grad rockets and warships?” Insists the doctor of 43 years, while colleagues get upset against insurgents that accompany injuries, accusing them of abandoning their posts.

Tuesday night, the Libyan army remained loyal to Muammar Gaddafi announced that it walked on Benghazi stronghold of the insurgency, to carry out “humanitarian mission” to the people. The army, in an appeal broadcast on national television, also urged the people of Libya's second city to prevent their children join the ranks of the insurgency “terrorist”.

The G8 is slow to make a decision together major powers in the G8 in Paris have dismissed for lack of consensus the military option to slow the forces of Muammar Gaddafi, merely promised for this week a new UN resolution on enhanced penalties. “We agree to ask the Security Council to increase its pressure,” said French Foreign Minister, Alain Juppe, after the summit.

But the conclusions of the meeting do not mention the option of a no-fly zone over Libya, originally intended for Paris and London as well as the Arab League and claimed by the Libyan opposition. A group of powers including the United States, the United Kingdom and France hopes to present to the UN on Tuesday a draft resolution tightening sanctions against Libya.

The international community impotent “Gaddafi scores,” lamented Alain Juppe, saying the international community could not prevent the government forces to take Benghazi. Barack Obama on Monday reiterated its warning to the Libyan leader: “Gaddafi has lost its legitimacy and he must go,” said Bush. But his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refused to promise military aid to the rebels, even as deliveries.

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