“New Star” Halde denounced the age limit imposed on candidates

The High Authority against Discrimination and for Equality recommended Wednesday in the show “Nouvelle star” is currently broadcast on M6, to repeal the age limit imposed on candidates. They must have previously between 16 and 34.

Because of his age, a 41 year old man could not stand for selection for the “new star”, the remote hook currently broadcast on M6, which is reserved for singers between 16 and 34. The High Authority against Discrimination and for Equality, which he had seized, in his favor, according to information confirmed officially

L'Express. Fr


Halde has recommended last February in M6 and production company FremantleMedia to end the age limit. With a legal argument: the winner of the “new star” is offered at the end of the adventure a contract with a record company. It therefore falls within the scope of the law that “any direct or indirect discrimination based on age (…) for work, including self-employment or self-employed.”

For their part, television and production company FremantleMedia highlight the fact that the age limit they want “in the spirit and purpose of the competition which is essentially a new talent show”. Discussions with the Halde, who has made a recommendation, are still ongoing to change his mind M6.

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