Pierre Perret defends himself in court

He has faced Guy Béart who accused him of inventing his meeting with Paul Léautaud.

Pierre Perret he actually met the writer Paul Léautaud? No, say a reporter from the Nouvel Observateur and the singer Guy Béart. Lies, the interpreter of Zizi contends that attacks the reporter for defamation. The trial, which began Tuesday, is to continue Wednesday.

The story begins in late 2008 with a phone call from Guy Béart Sophie Delassein advising him to investigate Pierre Perret he described him as a forger. On Tuesday, two men were face to face court in Paris.

“I'm sure he's lying!” The eye still blue, but looks a little haggard, Guy Béart has maintained his accusations against his old friend. “I'm sure he's lying!” Said the singer of living water. “I know that since 1955, he has never spoken to me. He invented things, but knitting them so completely unbelievable,” assured Guy Béart in a micro in Europe.

At the helm, Pierre Perret replied: “It is my honor is at stake! A network of ignominy fell on my head.” He says he has his conscience for him. “I had nothing to Léautaud a young man very curious,” admitted Peter Perret, while ensuring that it did not erase his “frequent visits” to the writer.

“I'm trashed” “I'm not hurt, I'm devastated. I have over the head and I look forward that this is all finished,” said Pierre Perret on Europe 1. His lawyer, Francis Szpiner, claiming 215,000 euros in damages.

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