A mother's psychiatrist infanticide attack

She had her doctor warned of his intentions. Apply today and three million euros.

Three million euros in damages. The sum requested by Genevieve Lhermitte her psychiatrist. Reason given? The doctor could have prevented his acting out on the evening of February 28, 2007, when she killed her five children. This is the daily Le Soir, which reveals information on Wednesday. According to the Belgian newspaper, never a large amount of money was requested in a civil court on this type of litigation.

His lawyer, Xavier Magnee, his client would act “on principle” and “to obtain recognition of the actual damage” because of “inaction of the practitioner.” The hearing was scheduled for 3 December.

“I have dark thoughts”

February 28, 2007, Brigitte Lhermitte had slaughtered his son and four daughters, aged 3-14 years, at his home in Nivelles, Wallonia. During his trial, it appeared that she was seeing a psychiatrist since 2005. The day before the tragedy, the doctor had received a letter in which she announced: “I have dark thoughts, it is suicidal that will train and I will take my children with me.”

In court, the psychiatrist had reported receiving his patient after a first letter alarming February 13, 2007, but its failure to receive the day of the tragedy because of his schedule.

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